Adam Hart

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March 18, 2015 | 20 Photos, 09:26 | Categories: Blondes, Hunks

Hunky Adam showed up to set with a buddy in tow.  They drove out from Las Vegas together, so he could show his apprentice how it’s done.  Everything that happens in Vegas, instructs Adam, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.  If only every young aspiring nude model had a big brother like Adam. Adam is a bulging 260 pound pack of muscle.  When he’s not training for bodybuilding competitions, Adam goes out with girls who are classy by day and whores by night.  He prefers his ladies to wear short skirts and no panties because he likes to peek up there, he admits, “In preparation for a career as a dirty old man.”  That’s a million years off. Eventually, Adam plans on moving to Maui, because “the island girls are calling his name.” He is also a wedding photographer, and has connections on the island.  This stud occasionally gets into trouble photographing weddings.  At the receptions, guests get drunk and silly and often the girls don’t keep their hands to themselves.  Once, it was the bride who wouldn’t stop fondling his package.  At her own wedding! Out of respect for the groom, Adam wouldn’t let her have his naked cock.  Thankfully, his job with PLAYGIRL has everything with giving a woman what she wants.  And what the bride couldn’t have.

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